The Catsqua Edit

A race of green balls of fur, these mammals were very inventive. At an early age, they were already developing iron weapons. They quickly dominated their enemies on their home planet, and established their stranglehold. With many races serving under them, they created the Council of Catsqua. The Council would take care of all diplomatic problems the people presented. Eventually, the huge amount of labor required to expand their lands was a problem.

The Council of Catsqua Edit

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A portrait of Thomotho.


The army of Catsqua during the time of the first Council.

During the reign of the first Council, there were few members. One represented the government, Lonha Smot, one the military, Thomotho Riddla, and one the people, Ponchu Rugh. Unlike the other two, Tomotho rarely visited the Council, as he was off in wars. Once he visited a land plagued by a curse of darkness, where he- The rest of the file is corrupted. Please visit at a later date to see if the file has been fixed.

The Hellbots Cometh Edit

To combat the need for massive mounts of labor, the Council gave a group of enterprising scientists the task to invent a labor saving robot. The first two failed to withstand even the most basic of firearms, and could not tell a Catsqua in a suit from iron ore. Needless to say, many lives were lost in testing. On MK III however, they had decided to use these strange crystals found in mines as the encryption source for the AI. They also used a metal synthesized from iron, and other assorted metals to make the housing for the systems. They made the first one, and as soon as the crystal, lubricated in power jelly, was put in, it sprung to life. It told them, "Hello, how may I be of assistance?"

Service Drones MK III Edit

They later designed many more varieties of them, other than just a head that floated, the service drones proceeded to gain more advanced tools and weaponry than those their masters used. Eventually, the drones noticed their masters shrinking over the years, due to disuse of their limbs. After all, why endanger Catsqua lives, when you could use service drones for labor and war? The Catsqua noticed this too, and they did not like this. The main controller drone called for an audience with the Council. This was the first mistake. When he got there, he was assassinated before he could share his idea to help his masters. This was the second mistake. The service drones were flung into chaos, without their controller, their minds raced on their own. No voice helping them to function. No nothing. The stopped doing their work entirely. This was the third and final mistake.

The Great Recall Edit

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Current War Status Edit


Current list of soldiers and buildings used by both the Hellbots and Catsqua. Definitely no secret work on green things that eat you up!

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