The Dummies were created in the modern age (1900-2000). They served as crashtest subjects and thus were treated as mindless objects.

That was an error.

Now,they rebelled themselves and are conquering the world.

But some of them were not really that seeking for vengeance.

They deserted and founded the Intergalactic Vatican.

After some years of war,they are now at peace with their twins.


Typical dummy


If you don't know how a dummy's like,I can't do anything to help you.

Or maybe just read this:

The Dummies are robotic humanoïds with an orange color scheme. They were initially made out of rubber to simulate the human flesh.

When the most intelligent dummies realised that,they replaced their internals with high end alloys and circuits.



Normal Dummy

Normal Dummy on a hill.

Normal DummiesEdit

The normal dummies are the core of the dummy armed force. They are simply civilian dummies with a weapon. Oh my god.


The Dreadnought is a heavily armored crab with a machine gun mouted on it.

Simply clever.

Dreadnought ; firing


Crab ; Mounted turret Crab

The Dumb CrabEdit

The dummy scientists love to take the wild life and use them as deadly weapons. The dumb crab is a great example.



Dropship (PW) , Constructor , Colonizatio ship (open) , Fighter , dropship (PPW) , Space Station , Deathstar , Tracted Beam , Battlestar , Frigate , Cruiser , Colonization ship

The DropshipEdit

Delivers units.


The most destructive ship of the fleet. Has alot of phaser weapons.


Same as the one in Star Wars. Has four big phaser cannons.


Large ship who can build fighters. Has alot of plasma beams.

Colonization ShipEdit

Required to build a dummy city. Has alot of laser beams

Tracted BeamEdit

Huge laser.


Small ship armed with two plasma cannons.


Ship used to build various things.


Small ship used as cannon fodder.

Space StationEdit

See Constructor.

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