A good tactic is shooting at people.


Use the terrain to your advantage.

Usually tactics depend on the army that is using them. For instance an army based on tanks and other vehicles will prefer to charge the enemy in the open. Whereas an army with lots of less powerful units will want to stay back and barrage the enemy with projectiles.

Some ideas for tactics

  • use real life tactics like cover and the way they patrol.
  • look at some of the Completed Matches for ideas, for example see how they win (or lose).
  • use cover, remember most of the time a pistol can't fire through a brick wall (like i said most of the time).

base building

Building a base can add some good defense for your army, and maybe help you live longer.

but it can get rid of mobility or the element of surprise. not building a base could mean you can't build any more units or

collect resources.