Also known as Planetary Picture Wars, this new gamemode was made by Delta1238.

Map Edit

Map consists of ground and space. On ground, there are some continents, islands, mountains and other stuff that you usually find on earth. In space, there is only sometimes only a moon. Maps are mostly quick-made, and there is often no place/time for details. There are currently only few maps, because this gamemode is currently dying (no one is playing it).

Warfare Edit

Instead of units, spaceships are used and ground forces are mostly pixel-based (like 10 soldiers on pixel). This means, that there IS space for huge battles, and spaceship between spaceships (always) guarantee epicness. In PPW, there are cities instead of small bases. They normally grow and claim their surroundings, and they mostly serve as barracks for armies. New spaceships are also made in cities.

--DevastFrank 21:40, 5 November 2008 (UTC)