The Gloomps are a nomadic scavenger race who rarely settle down to start a colony, however, this can happen if they discover something in the area which is of great use or importance to them. There are two variates of Gloomp civilisations, depending on what they find which can advance them, if the Gloomps encounter an artefact of advanced technology, they become the technology Gloomps, whereas if they find an artefact of magical power they become the magic Gloomps.

Nomadic GloompEdit

Initially the Gloomps may enter an area with a small party, usually only using basic tools and weapons such as spears or swords. The standard party is of one soldier, two workers and a white breeding Gloomp.

Technology GloompsEdit

Sometimes the Gloomps will find a piece of advanced technology left behind, this allows the Gloomps to create scientists from white Gloomps by examining the technology, they will then be able to create more advanced weapons and armour such as guns.