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The Barenwulf houses are a number of noble families who employ advanced steampunk technology in battle. Their armies consist of regular rifle-armed infantry. They are accompanied by robots of different sizes called Clanks and various other machinery.

Units Edit

Barenwulf Houses 3

Barenwulf Units

Civilians Edit

Civilians are the basic workforce behind the Barenwulf houses, they preform menial tasks, like mining ore, building walls, digging corridors, ...

Soldiers Edit

Soldiers are the grunts of the different houses, most of them are armed with basic single-action rifles. Death rays or portable Gatling guns aren't uncommon too.

Sparks Edit

These are gifted and valuable people. They have a knack for mechanics, and design, build and maintain most of the machines in service of the Barenwulf Houses.

Jumper Edit

These are the fast assault troops of the Barenwulf Houses. They are equipped with a plethora of jetpacks, helipacks and the like and carry two light pistols with them for close quarter fighting.

Veteran Edit

Wounded soldiers and veterans are often 'upgraded' with different types of bionic implements.


Barenwulf Houses Structures

Barenwulf Structures


The forge can convert an array of materials, ranging from metal ore to crystals into construction materials.

Oil ExtractorEdit

The oil extractor is a powerful pump, used for pumping up oil.

Death GunEdit

The death gun is a powerful artillery weapon. It fires a concentrated beam of energy, dealing massive damage and ripping through enemy defences.

Cacao MachineEdit

The cacao machine converts cacao beans into delicious hot cacao. This is needed for having babies and training civilians.